Camera Repair

In today’s digital age, we can ask ourselves whether classical, mechanical cameras can still be still useful. Apart from their use by collectors, there are certainly applications in which classic cameras are indispensable, for example:

  • In expeditions to polar regions
  • In mountaineering or other extreme winter sports
  • For travel in countries with high humidity, such as the tropics
  • For journeys to remote regions where mains electricity is not available

In addition, classic cameras still have a much higher resolution content than digital cameras (equivalent to between 40 and 50 pixels for slide films). Ambitious photographers have also the possibility to do the settings for a picture (aperture, shutter speed, etc.) by their own and appropriate for the scenery, without being a “slave” of a camera programme.

We Provide Best Repair

The main makes of camera that I repair include Rollei and Rolleiflex, Nikon, Hasselblad, Minolta, Zeiss Ikon, Linhof, Konica, Olympus, Pentax, Mamiya and Canon.

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Are you looking for someone to professionally repair?

I have many years of experience with mechanical and partially electronic cameras and so I am in the position to repair cameras, lenses, and accessories, including autofocus lenses.

  • Canon Service & Repair / SENSOR CLEANING.
  • DSLR Camera Repair and sell.
  • Lens Repair & Replacement.
  • Battery Replacement.
  • Film Camera Repair and sell.
  • Video Camera Repair and sell.
  • Midium-format Camera Repair.
  • Diagnostic Services.
  • Many other basic as well as complicated problems.
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